Semi-abstract portrait commissioned by Maggie Brown


Children, family and/or family pets!

Julie was commissioned to paint this huge 2.6m x 1.8m oil painting of a family in Coogee in 2009.

The brief was to be a storyboard of the children’s life including two delightful family cats, a blackbird who regularly sat on the hills-hoist clothes line and guinea pigs. Emphasis was for the ‘character’ of the children to shine through rather than just a ‘pretty picture’.

The surreal family portrait that resulted delighted both parents and children, especially as they viewed themselves as children. They are now young adults.

It was a very challenging commission, working from old family snapshots (not even having met the children). The children were incredibly talented, extremely cute and had been involved (and still are) in many wonderful activities during their childhood.

Portraits on a commission basis.